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Program Information

  1. General Program Information (A3.14 a-h)
    1. The program's ARC-PA accreditation status
    2. The success of the program in achieving its goals
    3. First-time PANCE rates for the five most recent graduating classes
    4. All required curricular components (A3.14d) (pdf)
    5. Academic credit offered by the program (A3.14e) (pdf) 
    6. Estimates of all costs (tuition, fees, etc.) related to the program (A3.14f)
    7. Policies and procedures for refunds of tuition and fees (A3.14g)
    8. Policies about student employment while enrolled in the program (pdf)
  2. Admission (A3.15 a-e)
    1. Admission and enrollment practices that favor specified individuals or groups (A3.15a) (see application information and Direct Patient Care Experience information)
    2. Prior work experience (A3.15b) (see 'Advanced Placement)
    3. Advanced placement (A3.15c)
    4. Any required academic standards for enrollment (A3.15d)
    5. Any required technical Standards for enrollment (pdf)