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Professional Development and Recognition of Preceptors

Program Overview

The Kansas State University graduate-level physician assistant program is a full-time, 27-month course of study consisting of 12 months of classroom instruction followed by 15 months in supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPE’s). There are nine required SCPEs lasting five weeks each (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatric Medicine, General Surgery, Behavioral Medicine, Orthopedics, and Geriatric Medicine), and one elective experience.

If you are a licensed and certified MD, DO, or PA, or if you are certified in another healthcare profession, and you enjoy giving back to healthcare and teaching, we welcome the opportunity to have you as part of our team. Your partnership with our Physician Assistant (PA) Program is invaluable; it creates benefits for the community, the students, you, your practice, your facility, the PA program, and the university, as we work to future healthcare needs.

Being a preceptor offers you the opportunity for professional and personal development while mentoring PA students. Preceptors typically describe their experiences as rewarding because they get to teach eager students and give back to their profession.

Our preceptors help train graduate-level physician assistant students during the clinical year in five week rotations. Preceptors guide PA students through in-depth analysis of disease processes, diagnosis and treatment plans for patients across the life-span in varying stages of health and practice environments. Learn how to join this team of educators, discover opportunities for professional development, and find support resources.

Our first cohort will begin in January of 2021, and upon successful completion of the didactic year, will commence the clinical experiences in January of 2022. There will be annual cohorts of 36 students. By the time students begin the clinical phase of their education, they will be well prepared to stand by your side and develop their clinical skills.

The One Minute Preceptor: 5 Microskills for One-On-One Teaching (pdf) is a short article that has been tested and welcomed by preceptors across the nation to assist in educating health care learners.  Health care providers face many challenges in the day to day pursuit of their careers, and those who choose to teach health professions students face the further challenge of efficiently and effectively providing teaching to these learners. K-State PA preceptors will find that it is a helpful tool in making the most out of their teaching time.

Once available, and upon development of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, the intent of K-State is to provide the following:

Category I CME (PA preceptors only)

  • The K-State PA program will offer Category I CME credit to PA preceptors upon approval and receiving provisional accreditation. See below for a summary of the process:
  • Upon approval, the K-State PA program will be able to award 0.5 AAPA Category I CME credit for each two weeks of clinical teaching.
  • If a preceptor has more than one student at a time, that preceptor may be awarded an additional 0.25 CME I credit for each additional student for each two weeks of teaching.
  • A maximum of 10 Category I CME credits per calendar year can be awarded to each preceptor.
  • Preceptors will be encouraged to keep track of their hours during the year, and these will be reconciled with the PA program’s records to ensure accuracy.
  • The preceptor must complete a preceptor reporting and evaluation form and email the form to Sujatha@K-State.edu before a preset date every year.
  • Upon receipt of the completed evaluation form and confirmation, the PA program will send you a certificate awarding the Category I CME credits

Category II CME

The time our preceptors spend educating our students can also be reported by the preceptor to NCCPA as Category II credits on an hour-by-hour basis and does not require documentation from the PA program (four-week rotation = 160 hours, five-week rotation = 200 hours).

Unsalaried Adjunct Clinical Faculty Appointments

Benefits include:

Adjunct Clinical Faculty rank will be awarded pending review of CV in one of the following categories:  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Adjunct Clinical Associate Faculty, and Adjunct Clinical Professor.

Attendance at Category 1 CME events to convene at Kansas State University, under the guidance of K-State PA Program’s Medical Director, Dr. Autumn Caycedo.

If you would like to become a preceptor for the PA Program, complete this profile and we will contact you.