Nolan Keim

Nolan Keim pic


Sabetha, Kansas

Why I chose Financial Planning:

Initially, I thought I would enjoy it because I like working with numbers. That soon turned into a passion to help individuals and families reach their goals. Financial Planning is one of the few professions where you can have a deep impact on someone’s life.

What I like about KSU PFP:

Being a student that switched into the Personal Financial Planning major, I was able to witness first hand how close and connected everyone was. My classmates quickly became some of my closest friends, which I believe is very unique for a University setting. The professors in the PFP program at Kansas State are hands down, the best out there. They continuously went above and beyond to make sure us students received the best education possible and helped us make the connections to land unbelievable career opportunities.

Current Job:

I am a Client Service Associate for Mariner Wealth Advisors in Overland Park, KS.

Future Plans:

I plan on continuing my career in the financial services industry with hopes of one day building my own practice.

K-State Alumni