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Click the links below to see the K-State Division of Continuing Education policies and procedures regarding:

Program Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from the program and from the University by submitting an official Withdrawal request to the Dean of the Graduate School and/or any necessary supporting documentation to:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Personal Financial Planning
343 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Class Drop Policy

Please note that 8 week courses have a different drop/add schedule than full semester courses.

Please refer to the academic calendar for full semester drop dates. For 8 week courses, please refer to the non-standard drop and add table.

All drop deadlines are calculated based on the number of calendar days in the class. The following policies apply:

  • A student may drop a class prior to 33% of the class duration without a grade being recorded on the student's transcript.
  • If a student drops after 33% but before 62% of the class duration, a grade of "W" will be issued.
  • No drops will be accepted after 62% of the course duration. Failure to drop a class may result in a failing grade.

Incomplete Policy

The grade of Incomplete ("I") is given in regular courses (except for theses and directed research courses) upon request of the student for personal emergencies that are verifiable. The faculty member has the responsibility to provide written notification to the student of the work required to remove the incomplete. The student is responsible for taking the initiative to complete the work and is expected to make up the I during the next semester (fall or spring) after receiving the grade (except for dissertations and directed research courses). If the student does not make up the I during the next semester after receiving it, a grade may be given by the faculty member without further consultation with the student.

If, after the end of the next semester, the "I" remains on the record, it will be designated as "F" (previously "IX") for record keeping and will be computed in the student's GPA, weighted at 0 points per credit. A grade of "NR" will be treated in a like manner.

Military Deployment Policy

It is the policy of Kansas State University to provide the following options to resident and non-resident students enrolled in credit classes who are required to discontinue their attendance as a result of orders to military active duty arising from the need for emergency military deployment.

Students should contact the Division of Continuing Education at College Court 218, or by telephone at 785-532-5566.

A student ordered to report to a remote station on the basis of a military emergency must provide to the Division of Continuing Education a copy of his/her military orders indicating such assignment. A copy of orders may be mailed subsequent to the student’s departure, or, in the absence of a copy of military orders, a written statement from the cognizant commander will be accepted.

  1. A student may withdraw from all classes and receive a 100% refund of all enrollment fees paid for courses he/she is currently taking and for future courses.
  2. In consultation with the faculty members involved, a student may elect to take an “Incomplete” in his/her classes, with the ability to complete the course requirements upon return to K-State. Guidelines pertaining to the University’s policy on “Incomplete Work” are contained in the General Catalog. Returning students are responsible for making arrangements with faculty members for the completion of work for which an “Incomplete” has been recorded. As an alternative to an “Incomplete,” other arrangements for receiving a grade and/or completing a course may be made, as appropriate, through the student’s consultation with faculty members involved.
  3. A combination wherein the student may withdraw from some classes and continue enrollment in those remaining. Any refund for course withdrawal will be based on the difference between what the student initially paid and what the student would owe had he/she enrolled only in the remaining courses. Marks for continuing courses would be arrived at in keeping with B above.