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Internal Funding Awards

College of Health and Human Sciences Research Excellence Awards


Tim Musch, KIN

Katie Heinrich, KIN


Thomas Barstow, KIN


Kevin Roberts, HM

Migette Kaup, ATID


Kim Y. Hiller-Connell, ATID


David Poole, KIN

College of Health and Human Sciences SRO Awards


Emily Mailey, KIN, Stand Up Kansas: An Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behavior in the Workplace

Kristin Malek, HM, Understanding Motivation to Attend, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Content Retention Across Meeting Attendee Populations.


Briana Goff, FSHS, Assessing Salivary Cortisol Levels of Participants in a Military and Veteran Family Retreats Program

Tandalayo Kidd, FNDH, The Impact of the Nutrition Banking Tracking System on College Students' Eating Patterns and Physical Activity Behaviors

Jooyoun Kim, ATID, Nonwoven Antibacterial Patch for Local Wound Treatment


Jennifer Hanson, FNDH, Observed and Self-Reported Food Handling Behaviors at Outdoor Venues

Jooyoun Kim and Jichul Jang, ATID & HM, Environmental and Economic Impacts Made by the Reduced Maintenance Needs for Self-Cleaning Table Clothes in the Hotel Restaurant Context

Sara Rosenkranz and Mark Haub, FNDH, Do Alterations in Meat Size and Frequency Affect Postprandial Lipemia and Inflammation


Joyce Baptist, FSHS, Using EMDR to Treat Depression

Annika Linde, M.C. Cheung, & Tona Melgarejo, FNDH, Effect of Naturally Occurring Antimicrobial Peptides LL37 and K9CATH on Lung Cell Health

Bryan Orthel, ATID, Identity, Community, History, and Place: Oral Histories 2014-2015

Minyoung Suh and Ji Hye Kang, ATID, Functional and Emotional Impact of Breast Size and a Sports Bra on Exercise-Induced Discomfort


Debra Burnett and Ann Smit, FSHS, An Understandability Measure for Young Children With and Without Speech/Language Disorders

Jared Durtschi, FSHS, Can Romantic Relationships During Pregnancy Predict Fetal Development Problems?

Brandon C. Irwin, KIN, "Our Space": A Test of the Efficacy of a Group Dynamics-Based Social Media Intervention for Increasing Physical Activity

Sara Rosenkranz, Ric Rosenkranz, Craig Harms, and Mark Haub, FNDH & KIN, The Interaction of Physical Activity and Diet: Post-Prandial Triglyceride and Inflammatory Responses Following a High-Fat Meal

College of Health and Human Sciences Dean Stowe Awards


Sara Rosenkranz, FNDH, Community Outreach for Best Practice School Lunches


Julia Day and Brandon Irwin, ATID & KIN, Tiny Houses, Titan Impact: An Ecological Approach to Impacting Public Health Through Affordable Housing


Hyung-Chan Kim and Mike Dudek, ATID, An effort to develop new, and continue existing collaborative, multi-cultural design studio projects with Korean University partners


Elaine Johannes, FSHS, Kansas Adolescent Health State Plan-Technical Assistance and Dissemination


Terrie McCants and Nancy O'Conner, FSHS, Elder Decisions: Adult Family Conflict Resolution

Harold and Letha Reser Family and Community Innovation Award


Sara Rosenkranz and Ric Rosenkranz, FNDH, Enhanced Health Promotion in Girl Scouts through Video-Based Leader Wellness Training