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University Honors Program

Congratulations on your outstanding academic record that has qualified you for membership into the University Honors Program! As a member of the honors program, you have the opportunity to enroll in honors sections of general education courses; learn about national competitive scholarships, paper competitions, special university events; and participate in an honors project.

If you decide to accept this honor, your transcript will indicate membership in the University Honors Program each semester. Upon completion of your honors project and maintenance of membership standards for the University Honors Program, the words "Honors Program" will be printed on your diploma.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the dean's office (785-532-5500) or the University Honors Program office (785-532-2642).

For more information, please visit the University Honors Program website.

Overview and Benefits


The purpose of the University Honors Program is to:

  • Recognize students for outstanding academic achievement
  • Provide opportunities for increased interaction with faculty and other honors students
  • Provide opportunities for students to enrich their academic experiences
  • Foster an appreciation of research and encourage participation in research

Therefore, by being a member of the honors program, you will have opportunities in each of these four areas.


Eligible students benefit from the Honors Program in many ways, including:

  • Enrollment in honors sections of courses, which are typically smaller and may be tailored to the learning styles of highly motivated students
  • Development of meaningful relationships with other similarly motivated students through interaction in honors courses, socials and events
  • One-on-one mentoring experiences with faculty and graduate students in two semesters of honors practicum experiences and while completing an honors project
  • Recognition of your academic accomplishments, including having the honors program designated on your transcript each semester and "Honors Program" printed on your diploma upon completion of all honors program requirements
  • Preparation for graduate or professional school
  • Knowledge about national scholarships, scholarly paper competitions, and special seminars and speakers

Learn more about each of these opportunities by contacting the honors program coordinator.