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Welcome from the Director

Gayle Doll

December 2020

As we finalize this semester and look ahead, we take a pause to be thankful for this season of blessings. We've got some big changes happening at the Center and we're just so grateful for our committed faculty and staff, our awesome students, and the support we've garnered from the college, the university, and the community. We are sad to see Maggie Syme leave us. She'll be moving to Boston for a new career opportunity and to be closer to family. It means I'll be going back to full time and will teach the seminar course for my final (yes, final) semester. I'm super excited to be with students again, even if it has to be online. 

We've got some surprises up our sleeves for you this spring and we're hoping to get a few back from all of our friends. One big wish that we could have is to significantly grow our program this spring. If you've been paying attention to what COVID has revealed, you understand that we need gerontologists now more than ever. Please recommend the secondary major or minor to friends, relatives, non-friends, non-relatives---you get the idea. 

Best wishes

Gayle Doll
Gayle Doll, Director

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