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Recent Research and Scholarship Awards

A snapshot of our faculty's most recent academic and funding awards:

Academic Awards

Anthony Ferraro, Assistant Professor, has been awarded the 2020 Emerging Mentor/Teacher Award from the National Council on Family Relations.

Briana Nelson Goff, Professor, has been awarded the 2019 University Distinguished Faculty Award for the Mentoring of Undergraduate Students in Research, which recognizes outstanding individual contributions to the development of undergraduates in research projects at Kansas State University.

Elaine Johannes, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, and Amber Vennum, Associate Professor, were awarded the Reser Family and Community Innovation Award. The Reser Family and Community Innovation Award recognizes faculty who excel in collaborative applied research and program delivery fostering family and community vitality.

Elaine Johannes, Associate Professor and State Extension Specialist, received the K-State Research and Extension Team of the Year Award - Culture of Health

Erin Yelland, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, has been awarded a fellowship in Health and Wellness from the eXtension foundation. Her fellowship will focus on building the capacity and expanding the portfolio of the national Cooperative Extension System’s work focused on health and well-being, particularly within the area of social determinants of health.

External Funding Awards

Sandra Stith (Primary) and Chelsea Spencer (Primary). (2020, June). “U.S. Air Force Mental Health Resilience Program Evaluation and Enhancement Project,” Sponsored by the U.S. Air Force.

Sandra Stith (Primary) and Chelsea Spencer (Primary). (2020, June). “Testing the Effectiveness of a Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment Tool Used by Department of Defense Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates,” Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy Installation Command.

Elaine Johannes (Primary). (2019, October). “Peaceful Parenting Workshops,” Sponsored by the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

Shanna Jager (Primary). (2019, July). “Technical Support for the Department for Children and Families Strategic Development, Faith-Based and Community Initiative,” Sponsored by Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Jared Anderson (Primary). (2019, July). “Update to the State of the Family Report, 07/01/2019-06/30/2020,” Sponsored by Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Anthony Ferraro (Primary). (2019, May). "Evaluation Plan for Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce online curriculum," Sponsored by Institute for Family Violence Studies

Bradford Wiles (Primary) & Anthony Ferraro (Primary). (2019, May). "Rural families speak about resilience (NC1171): Validating community indicators in rural populations.," Sponsored by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station, Federal

Misti Johnson-Olthoff ;(Primary). (2019, April). "USDA Team Nutrition Grow It, Like It, Try It! and Kailey's Ag Adventures," Sponsored by USDA and Kansas Farm Bureau

Additional Information

Learn more about internal and external funding awards earned within the College of Health and Human Sciences.