AT program application information

All applications must be completed through the Kansas State University Graduate School application portal. In addition, each applicant is required to complete and submit a FNDH Graduate Applicant Supplemental Information form. Admission to the athletic training program is selective and competitive. Students can apply throughout the fall and spring semesters, but all applications must be received before April 15th of that academic year. Applicants who have submitted complete applications before the deadline, who have shown that they currently meet or have shown that they will meet the requirements for admission to the Graduate School prior to beginning the program and met the requirements of the AT program will be considered for an interview. Students who will be completing or are currently completing pre-requisite courses in the spring semester qualify for application but need to provide documentation of enrollment. After all interviews are completed for that review cycle, the admission decisions will be made and students will be notified of their status. Students who are not selected for admission are encouraged to reapply the following academic year.

Application requirements: