Cynthia Lerick


Contact Information

108 Justin Hall


  • M.A. Creative Events Management, Falmouth University, Falmouth, UK
  • B.A. Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN

Area(s) of Specialization

  • Event Management

Courses Taught

  • HM 331 Resort and Club Management
  • HM 370 The Business of Wedding Planning
  • HM 421 Hospitality Service Systems
  • HM 424 Hospitality and Sales Promotion
  • HM 427 Travel and Dining Auction
  • HM 463 Business Event Coordination
  • HM 594 Fairs and Festivals
  • HM 650 Senior Seminar in HM

Professional Biography

Cindy Lerick joined Kansas State University in the Fall of 2023 as an instructor in the Department of Hospitality. With a rich and diverse career spanning several decades, Lerick has made significant contributions to the nonprofit and events industries. Her professional journey began as the owner of a road race production and timing company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. Later, she seamlessly transitioned into nonprofit leadership, working with organizations that orchestrated large-scale events.

Throughout her career, Lerick has held pivotal roles as the executive director of various arts organizations, cultural groups, and downtown management entities. Her expertise lies in producing a wide array of events, including outdoor community festivals, arts festivals, running and biking events, music festivals, educational seminars, conventions, parades, and outdoor concerts. At the core of her work is a shared initiative: bringing communities together through the power of events.

Lerick is a board member with IFEA (International Festival and Events Association) and has been both the chair of the World Board and the Foundation Board. As a volunteer she manages the Certified Festival and Executive Certification (CFEE) program as well as teaching at the IFEA/NRPA (National Parks and Recreation Association) Event Management School.