Kinesiology Distinguished Lecture Series

Fall 2021

Benjamin Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Benjamin Miller is an Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation member and Adjunct Faculty in the College of Medicine at The University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Miller and his colleagues study a variety of age-related diseases integrated across multiple organ systems, including heart failure, diabetic cardiomyopathy, macular degeneration, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, and neurodegenerative disorders. Common among these afflictions are alterations in cellular metabolism and energy production.

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Fall 2020

Robert Zarr, MD, MPH

Dr. Robert Zarr is a board-certified pediatrician at Unity Health Care, located in Washington, DC, where he cares for low-income and immigrant populations.

He is Founder and Medical Director of Park Rx America, a community health initiative to prescribe nature to patients and families to prevent and treat chronic disease and promote wellness.

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Past Distinguished Lectures

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018