Active Schools Lab

Director: Dr. Peter Stoepker

Lab Overview:

The mission of the Active Schools Lab is to integrate evidence-based practices that promote youth physical activity. The lab focuses on three areas around school-based physical activity promotion: physical activity leadership, providing assistance to school/district personnel to help create an active school culture and interventions that focus on helping children reach 60-minutes of daily physical activity. The Active Schools Lab works under the premise that active kids do better (in school and in everyday life) and strives to promote positive youth physical activity experiences by ensuring schools and physical activity leaders are supported in promoting, developing, and maintaining school-wide physical activity programming.

Lab Objectives:

  • To develop and deliver interventions that promote school-wide physical activity
  • To improve school physical activity leadership practice and youth physical activity outcomes through data coaching and sharing
  • Support school/district personnel in creating an active school culture

Lab Personnel:

Please reach out to Dr. Stoepker if interested in joining this lab.