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The purpose of this research project is to test the effectiveness of high-intensity functional training (HIFT) compared to usual care Army physical readiness training (APRT) in active duty and Reserve/Guard military personnel for improving body composition, fitness, cardiovascular health, and psychosocial outcomes. The information gathered during this study will provide critical data for military health leadership and Army physical fitness programming. The study is being conducted at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

Eligibility requirements are: Active Duty US Military personnel willing and able to adhere to the study protocol and complete all assessments, and have a high likelihood of being at Fort Leavenworth/Manhattan area for the length of the study (8-month (+/- 1-month) for the full test). We cannot accept civilians, international personnel, anyone on a medial profile or having an injury preventing exercise, pregnant or lactating, currently on administrative leave, or having administrative-only duties, or individuals with an implanted device or pacemaker.

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- ATHIS Research Team