Access to Greenspace and Respiratory Health Outcomes

Access to community park space has shown multiple health benefits for those with convenient access; it is reasonable to assume that the opportunities for outdoor recreation provided to community park and greenspace access would also be associated with improved respiratory health. With fine particulate matter (largely from internal combustion sources) a growing concern in urban and even rural areas, this project aims to determine associations with access to park space and respiratory health, in the context of determined outdoor levels of fine particulate matter. This project will entail the gathering of data on all community parks and Greenspace in Columbia County, Georgia using the eCPAT tool. Block-level population data will be examined to evaluate the local population’s proximity to such areas and any reported incidences of respiratory morbidity so that a correlation can be determined; likewise, the project will attempt to reveal any correlation between ambient fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) concentration and respiratory morbidity using interpolated ambient air quality monitoring data.