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COVID-related FAQs for the new processes for the Kansas Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research.

What are the new safety policies/protocols for the staff and children at the new center?

Please refer to parent letter sent on July 13th for the COVID-19 response plan and see other FAQ for more specific information.

Will staff be required to use personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes. All adults on campus must wear face coverings and follow CDC recommendations for handwashing. Children are not required to wear masks per KDHE.

What expectations are there of student workers in regards to safety?

The same expectations of all faculty and staff will be expected of student workers. Student workers will be required to report COVID-19 symptoms daily, take temperature daily, and wear face coverings and wash hands frequently.

What are the contingency plans in the event of an outbreak at the center?

This plan is subject to change as additional decisions are made by K-State administration, Riley County Health Department, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Center for Disease Control regarding best practices for childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KDHE Guidance

The Center is monitored and licensed under Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The Center
will work closely with our State Surveyor, Heather Ritchey, and KDHE. All plans and operations will be monitored by KDHE. All regulations will be strictly followed by the Center.

Extenuating Circumstances

In the event of a major outbreak of COVID-19, the Center will follow instructions and guidance from
KDHE, the local health department, or university officials. Some key factors that may impact the decision could include:

  • Statewide or county orders
  • Local indicators that show an exponential increase in positive or seriously ill patients
  • Testing capabilities decline within the community
  • Sufficient PPE is no longer availableLocal health care system is strained
  • Public health system cannot promptly identify and isolate infected individuals and/or identify or quarantine their contacts
  • Insufficient staffing able to maintain KDHE licensing requirements
  • Low enrollment numbers
  • Significant number of individuals exposed to or impacted by COVID-19
  • Inability to maintain infection prevention

Hours of operation

The Center will be open to families from 7:30 am-4:30 pm pending proper staff support for sanitization.

Wellness Screening for Patrons and Staff

  1. Sanitizing station will be set-up in the foyer by the screening station as families and staff come in the front door. Use of face coverings for adults will be required for access to the Center.
  2. A semi-private screening station will be set up in the front foyer. Entry and exit will be divided by vinyl or plastic curtain for easy cleaning.
    1. South (front) doors will be used to enter the foyer and patrons will use their ID card for vetting purposes instead of using their door code. West (side) doors will be provided for exiting the building.
    2. One family at a time will enter foyer to be screened.
      1. We will use a no-contact thermal thermometer to take the temperature of each adult and child then ask COVID-19 questions – any symptoms, history of travel, exposure to someone who has had COVID-19 etc. (as written on the KDHE form).
      2. A temperature below 100.4 degree without other symptoms will be allowed to enter the building.
      3. If patron responds “Yes” to questions of temperature, exposure, or contact, entry will not be
        granted to the Center. No exceptions.
        1. Anyone who has been exposed to COVID will need written documentation from a licensed medical doctor or medical facility stating such and will need to quarantine for 14 days before returning to the Center.
      4. If child passes all screening they will have access to their assigned classrooms. There will be no loitering in hallways or classrooms.

KDHE encourages the same individual to pick-up and drop off children to help minimize the spread COVID-19

Classroom Entry/Drop-off Procedures:

  1. Parents are required to wear a mask.
  2. Parents are asked to apply hand sanitizer prior to leaving the screening area.
  3. Parents enter the classroom using their door code.
  4. Parents/siblings will stop at the designated markings inside the classroom door.
  5. One teacher will receive and check-in child upon arrival and parent will share any drop off information at that time.
  6. Utilize hand sanitizing stations throughout the building at drop off and pick-up.

Pick-up Procedures:

  1. Parents are required to wear a mask.
  2. Parent will be screened upon arrival.
  3. Parents apply hand sanitizer before going down the hall to get their child.
  4. Parents enter the classroom using their door code.
  5. Parents/sibling will stop at the designated markings inside the classroom door.
  6. If child is outside for outdoor learning, teacher will continue to remain in ratio when delivering child to parent for pick-up.
  7. Teacher will check-out child and share any pertinent information about the day with the parent.
  8. In the event of emergency pick-up, management will check pick-up authorization and an mployee will deliver the child.

COVID-19 Positive Case Found in a Classroom

  1. We will contact Riley County Health Department and follow their recommendations. Current recommendations are to close the classroom for two weeks.
  2. We will contact local licensing surveyor and follow their recommendations.
  3. We will also partner with Lafene Health Center and K-State Environmental Health and Safety and University administration.

Two or More Symptoms Related to COVID-19 by Employee or Enrolled Child

  1. We will require all employees and families who display two or more symptoms to stay home and seek advice from their physician or Riley County Screening Call Center, 785-323-6400.
  2. Employee or Child may return to the Center if:
    1. They are fever free for 72 hours without taking fever reducing medications and
    2. They have written documentation that states from their licensed physician they are able to return work or to group care and are no longer infected with COVID19.
    3. An employee or child awaiting COVID-19 tests results may not return to the Center until released by their physician.
  3. Fewer symptoms or other illness would require them to follow normal illness policies.
  4. Parents will be notified of confirmed COVID-19 cases

Enrolled Family Travel

A 14-day quarantine after visiting hot spot areas (determined by KDHE), cruises or international travel is required.

Modified Meal Requirements

The Center will temporarily change the number of meals provided.

  1. No breakfast will be served.
  2. Morning snack provided, 9:00 am-9:30 am
  3. Lunch provided, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
  4. Afternoon snack provided, 3:00 pm-3:30 pm

Facility Cleaning and Disinfecting

Common Areas

  1. Management will be assigned frequently touched areas for cleaning every two hours throughout the day.
  2. Our custodial staff will clean their regular scheduled items, including specialized cleaning to kill germs and unwanted bodily fluids.

Classroom Areas

  1. Teachers will clean frequently touched surfaces throughout the day and have 30 minutes in the evening to clean and disinfect areas and toys in their classrooms in addition to normal cleaning routines.
    1. Staff will limit the amount of materials available for children to explore.
    2. Teachers will follow regular policies regarding cleaning and disinfecting materials utilizing soap and water, COVID-19 approved cleaners (Shurguard Plus) and EPA approved items.

Kitchen Area

  1. Kitchen staff will follow regular CCD kitchen cleaning policies in additional to cleaning frequently touches surfaces throughout the day.
  2. Kitchen staff will no longer enter classrooms to deliver food products. Food carts will be left outside the doorways.

Monthly Fire and Tornado Evacuation Procedures

Due to mandated KDHE required drills for fire and tornado evacuation, social distancing may not be applicable due to limited designated locations assigned by the local fire department.

Restricted Access to the Center

  1. Limited in-person parent tours until further notice.
  2. No face-to-face meetings or in-person visitations from community partners unless deemed necessary by management.
  3. Limited access to Facilities employees.
  4. Delivery vendors will need to drop items outside with no contact. (to include; restaurants, mail, UPS, Fed-EX)


PDF verison of this information

New KIECER Processes FAQ page