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Orientation and Enrollment

Orientation and Enrollment (or simply O&E) is all about welcoming you to the Kansas State University family and helping students prepare for their first semester on campus. We in the College of Health and Human Sciences love to welcome new family members at O&E and want to provide some helpful information as you prepare to arrive.


  • Plan on a full day
  • Bring a sweater or jacket: Believe it or not, you may find yourself needing one. There are many people in the Student Union during O&E and this causes them to keep the AC very cold.
  • Plan to bring any transfer transcripts with you, if you have not sent them already. This assists your advisor in planning your academic class schedule.
  • Share your fun: This is an exciting day, so share it with your friends through social media! Be sure to include us in your fun (@KStateHHS)


The Kansas State University Admissions office provides a wealth of information about O&E, including:

  1. Parking and directions
  2. What to do prior to coming
  3. How to schedule or reschedule your O&E date
  4. How to register your eID
  5. Much more!!

To find the answer to those and other questions, visit the Admissions website which provides information for everything listed above and more.


If you get lost or are not sure where to go at any point during O&E, here are two locations you can go for help:

  1. Welcome Desk: This is the first and best location for help. The Welcome Desk is located on the first floor of the K-State Student Union.
  2. Dean’s Office: You can always come to the College of Health and Human Sciences' Dean’s Office, located in 119 Justin Hall. We can help you get to where you need to go.
These seven steps will help make your enrollment as smooth as possible:
1) Find your enrollment date

You can view your enrollment date in KSIS on your Student Center.

2) Find out who your advisor is

Your advisor's name is located in KSIS on your Student Center. If you do not have an advisor assigned to you, contact the dean's office in 119 Justin Hall.

3) Sign up for an enrollment advising appointment

Once you know who your advisor is (see step 2 above), make contact with them about setting an advising appointment near your enrollment date.

4) Review your degree requirements

Keeping track of what you have already completed and what still needs to be done is the easiest way to help identify the classes you should take each semester. To aid you in tracking your progress, refer to the curriculum guide you received when you first entered the College of Health and Human Sciences. If you cannot locate this form, you may either obtain a copy from your advisor or pull up your DARS report.

5) Choose the classes you want to take

Once you have updated your curriculum guide and know what requirements you still have remaining to complete, you can start to identify the classes you want to take for the next semester.

  • See the K-State course schedule for various class offerings.
  • Lay out your classes on a time management scheduling sheet (doc) so you don't double book yourself. Remember that some courses have several parts: lecture, lab, recitation, and/or quiz, so be sure to copy all the reference numbers and place them on your scheduling sheet.
6) Bring your schedule(s) to your advising appointment for review

Your advisor will review your schedule and remove your advising hold during this period. If you have questions about other academic or career matters, you can discuss them with your advisor at this time or set up an additional advising appointment.

7) Enroll in your classes on your enrollment date

As your actual enrollment date approaches, check your approved schedule to see if all of your courses and times are still available. If not, make the appropriate adjustments. Allow enough time to meet with your advisor again or obtain permissions, if required.