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Diversity and International

In the College of Health and Human Sciences, we understand the need for diversity in our classrooms and in the world. We are dedicated to providing and promoting leadership opportunities, understanding goodwill, diversity and friendship among the faculty, staff and students. We promise to create a solid foundation of diversity upon which each member of the College of Health and Human Sciences community can build.

Think about the college's motto: In a world focused on things, we focus first on people. From our beginnings, we have been dedicated to meeting human needs. And over time, we have increasingly reached beyond the borders of our state and even the boundaries of our country. We are now engaged in research, teaching and outreach that impact the entire world. We hope you will join us in this calling and add your enthusiasm to our own.


Dr. Shawna Jordan, assistant dean and diversity point-person, can answer any questions you might have about Kansas State University or the College of Health and Human Sciences. You can also call the college at 785-532-5500 if you would like to speak with someone. We would love to hear from you!