Dean Barbara S. Stowe Endowed Faculty Development Fund

Past Recipients

Year Recipient(s)
2018 Kristin Malek, HM, The Application of Team-Based Learning on Convention and Meeting Attendees: An Experimental Design Field Study Approach
2017 Sara Rosenkranz, FNDH, Community Outreach for Best Practice School Lunches
2016 Julia Day and Brandon Irwin, ATID/KINES, Tiny House, Titan Impact: An ecological approach to impacting public health through affordable housing project
2015 Hyung-Chan Kim and Mike Dudek, ATID, An effort to develop new, and continue existing collaborative, multi-cultural design studio projects with Korean University Partners
2014 Elaine Johannes, FSHS, Kansas Adolescent Health State Plan- Technical Assistance and Dissemination
2013 Terrie McCants and Nancy O'Conner, FSHS, Elder Decisions: Adult Family Conflict Resolution
2012 Migette Kaup and Gayle Doll, ATID/COA, Evaluating Pay-for-Performance and Person-Centered Care Policy
2011 Brianna Goff, FSHS, Collaboration with the Deployment Health Clinical Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland and the National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire, New Mexico
2010 Charles Griffin, FSHS, KSU Partnership with University of Limpopo , South Africa
2008 Deborah Brosdahl, ATID, Incorporating Sustainability into Apparel and Textiles-Professional Development through the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
2006 Cristian Morosan, HMD, Participation at (and collaboration with) REDTT's 2007 Rural Tourism Conference, Carlsbad, NM
2005 Deborah Meyer and Melody LeHew, ATID, Sustainable TechStyle Outreach and Partnerships: Developing a National Organization to Impact Sustainable Policy
2004 Carol Ann Holcomb, HN, The association between cardiovascular disease and age-related macular degeneration in older rural women in Kansas
2002 Marsha Dickson, ATID, Fund raising for activities of a consortium of international Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business
2001 Ryadi Adityavarman, ATID, Hotel Planning and Design
2000 John Grable, FSHS, Visiting Purdue Campus Department of Consumer Sciences & Retailing
1999 Bronwyn Fees, FSHS, Policy Implications & Collaboration of the Prekindergarten Program in New York State