New Program Proposal or

Significant Curricular Change

Considering a new program or a significant curricular change?

Let’s talk!

The HHS Dean’s office is excited to partner with you as you consider developing new programs and/or modifying current curricula significantly. * Let’s arrange a group meeting with the department head, participating faculty, assistant and associate deans and the finance officer to discuss. During this conversation we will jointly review policies, procedures, and timelines; human and fiscal resources; data analytics for anticipating demand and enrollment; and other information as relevant for proposal development and program implementation.

As you start to plan, consider:

  1. What is the content of the proposed program or course and how does it further the mission of your department, college, and university?
  2. How is this proposed program aligned to the strategic plan of the department(s), college, and University? (What is your vision for 5-10 years from now for the program?)
  3. What is the workforce need/demand for this program (share qualitative and quantitative data)?
  4. What is the potential for collaborative partnerships with other departments within or outside of the college, between campuses, between institutions, or other partnerships?
  5. Who is the primary audience for this program (undergrad or graduate, professional development, other)?
  6. What is the primary modality for offering the curriculum?
  7. What are the resources needed to support the proposed program at the proposed enrollment levels? Are these resources currently available?
  8. What is the competitive landscape (within Kansas, regionally, and nationally) for the proposed program?
  9. Are peer programs offering a similar credential? Who offers the model program, if any?
  10. What is the potential for research funding?
  11. What is the potential for engagement and outreach - partnerships with communities and organizations?

*Significant is defined as 25% or more of the curriculum will change.


  • Ensure alignment of programs with college and departmental mission
  • Promote awareness and potential partnerships within the college
  • Provide dean's office to support through shared visioning, technical expertise, identification of resources, and administrative deadlines/procedures