Pegasus Mail Settings for Office 365

Adapted from the POP, IMAP, and SMTP Settings

To setup Pegasus Mail for Office 365:

  1. Click on the Tools menu, IMAP profiles
  2. Select the imap profile for your K-State account and hit edit
  3. Change the server to
  4. Add to the username (i.e.
  5. Change the timeout to 60 seconds
  6. Hit the security tab. Make sure Via direct SSL is selected and Disable certificate validation is checked.
  7. Hit OK. Hit Done.
  8. Click on the Tools menu, Internet options
  9. Hit the sending (SMTP) tab and select the profile and hit edit.
  10. Change the server to
  11. Change the port to 587
  12. Change the timeout to 60 seconds
  13. Hit the security tab, select Via STARTTLS
  14. Check the Disable certificate validation box.
  15. Check the login to the SMTP server box and put your username (with and password

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