Computing Support Group Services

The College of Health and Human Sciences computing environment mainly consists of Microsoft Windows-based workstations and servers. Although we will try to assist you with other technological issues, our staff's expertise centers on the services listed below.


Our servers deliver a multitude of applications. Our support staff are experienced in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, Mozilla products, Chrome and MS Edge.

Backup Services

Daily archiving of all network files.


Maintain inventory of users, services and devices.

Building Networking; Wired and Wireless

Coordinate with NTS to deliver network connectivity.

File Storage

More than 6 TB of disk space is available for individual and shared file storage services.

Hardware Support

We mostly support Dell hardware and HP networked printers.

Listserv Hosting

Maintain more than 75 listservs for communicating to groups quickly within the college.

Maintain Common Computing Environments

Service department and college technology classrooms as well as carts, labs and student workrooms.

Network Printing

Manage approximately 75 networked printers.

Network Servers

Maintain and support Windows and Linux servers (physical and virtual).


Deliver various sessions on computing topics and open sessions.

User Support

Assistance is provided to the entire college. We respond to more than 3,000 requests annually.

System Security

Perform system audits; maintain malware and virus protection; and secure and encrypt sensitive data.

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