Network Drives

When you log onto the network, your network drives are automatically mapped (or set) for you. Using Windows Explorer, most users will find four network drives, described below.

Home (Y: Drive)

This location is your personal storage space. You are the only person* that has access to this area on the server. This folder is a good place to backup your personal computer’s important data files.

Shared (S: Drive)

Contains files that you would like to share with the entire college. Every user has access to this directory. It is the least secure place on our servers. If you have sensitive data it should not be stored here.

Workarea (W: Drive)

This area is dedicated to your department. Only members from your department have access to this folder. It can also have restricted folders where only certain groups can have access. If you would like to setup restricted folders, you may do so by filling out and signing a network directory security form (pdf).

Apps (X: Drive)

This is the application and policy distribution drive. It has things like the network installation of Office, Acrobat, Autocad, etc.

*The network administrator, by default, has access to all files on the servers.

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