Network File Backup

A distinct advantage of storing files on the network is that backups are performed daily and in some cases even more than once a day. We cannot stress enough the importance of backing up important files. Desktops and laptops can malfunction, so having a backup plan is critical. We recommend you store your important files on the network and copy them periodically to your workstation. This way, if anything happens to your workstation, you can access a working copy of your files on the server.

OneDrive is also a very valid way of backing up and synchronizing your files in multiple places and the cloud.

Our backup system first backs up the files to a secondary storage system for quick restores and then copies the data to tape for offsite storage. Our backup rotation is as follows:

  • Full backup of all files monthly, and then copied to backup tapes and stored for a year
  • Incremental (change from last differential) backup daily
  • Differential (change from last full) backup weekly

We also now have a Disaster Recovery(DR) site at the Engineering datacenter that we replicate data to as well. We have minimal hardware there to get essential services up and running in case of emergency.

To request the restoration of a deleted file you may submit a network file recovery form (pdf) to the College of Health and Human Science's Computing Support Group.

College of Health and Human Sciences
Computing Support Group
121C Justin Hall
1324 Lovers Lane
Manhattan, KS 66506-1401