Human Development and Family Science

Our Program

The human development and family science program focuses on the development of the individual across a lifespan in a family context. Students learn to implement and assess programs and services designed to strengthen and enhance individual and family well-being. Graduates are prepared for a wide variety of career options, as well as graduate and professional school. The program is flexible and can easily be combined with other degree options, allowing students to double major, add minors or certificates, or add coursework to prepare for graduate or professional schools.


  • Experiential learning opportunities including internships, practicums, volunteering, education abroad and undergraduate research
  • Award winning faculty who are dedicated and committed to providing high-quality undergraduate education
  • Internship placement through dedicated internship coordinator
  • Graduates of the program who complete all degree requirements and an internship are qualified to apply for the Provisional Certified Family Life Education designation
93% of graduates are employed or seeking higher education
Paid undergraduate research opportunities
NCFR approved program (Certified Family Life Educator)

Career Opportunities

  • Family and Community Services
  • Residential Programs
  • Judicial System
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Nursing
  • Elder Care Facilities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Therapy

*some careers require additional education

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