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Featured Videos

Videos on aging we have featured on our main page in the past:

Saturday Night Live Director

Age Discrimination Food Truck Experiment

Why is it hard to talk about getting older?

They Saw the Sun First

Flash Mob

Disrupt Aging

This is what Old looks like in Hollywood

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks Records

Deshun Wang Disrupts Aging

You Wouldn't Say it to  Dog!  -- Ageism

Isn't it time we disrupt aging?

Marvin's Birthday run

Millennials Ask: What's It Like to Retire?

Millennials Show Us What Old Looks Like

How to Age Gracefully

The Many Faces of Aging in America

The Big Idea in 4 Minutes:  Coming of Age in Aging America

Nothing Changes - Being 50

Just Say No to Ageist Comments