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Early Childhood Education

Our Mission: Provide a rich and deep understanding of early childhood development informed by theory, research, and best practice.

Pass Rate IconClinically Supervised IconLicensure Icon
Pass rate on licensure
exams is 96%
Clinically supervised field
experiences in homes,
schools, and centers
Leads to licensure to teach children
with and without disabilities aged
birth through kindergarten

Loan Deferment Icon

Study Abroad Icon

National Rank Icon
 Loan deferment programs
and TEACH grants
available for teachers
Opportunities to engage
in Education Abroad
#1 National rank by 
Best online colleges
for ECE in 2019

The early childhood education program at Kansas State University combines early childhood education and early childhood special education content knowledge and pedagogy into one blended degree program. Early childhood education students gain teaching experience in the licensed and nationally accredited Hoeflin Stone House early childhood education center on campus. Supervised, clinical internships working with families, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and student teaching are an integral part of the preservice licensure program. Upon full completion of degree requirements students are eligible to apply for a Kansas teaching license in early childhood unified (birth through kindergarten).

Student Testimonials

Ali Delort, Senior, Early Childhood Education

Erin Slattery, Senior, Early Childhood Education

Kennedy Lynn, Recent Graduate of Early Childhood Education