Pre-Couple and Family Therapy Minor

The minor in Pre-Couple and Family Therapy is available to all undergraduate students in any college as an interdisciplinary minor. The minor consists of 15-credit-hours which provide a foundation in couple and family therapy theory and foundational helping skills designed to prepare students for graduate education in couple and family therapy.

Program Requirements

Required Courses: (9 hours)

HDFS 301: The Helping Relationship (3)
HDFS 307: Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
HDFS 525: Community Mental & Relationship Health 3

Elective Options: (Choose 6 hours)

CNRES 529: Understanding Trauma and Traumatic Stress (3)
CNRES 530: Coping with Life Crises (3)
HDFS 300: Problems in Human Development and Family Science (1-18)
HDFS 302: Introduction to Human Sexuality (3)
HDFS 303: Developing Intimate Relationships (3)
HDFS 305: Family Violence Across the Life Course (3)
PSYCH 505: Introduction to Psychopathology (3)
PSYCH 535: Social Psychology (3)
SOCWK 315: Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)
SOCWK 510: Social Welfare as a Social Institution (3)