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Laptop Requirements for Apparel and Textiles

2019-2020 Academic Year

Apparel and Textiles students entering their first year of study are required to have their own laptop computer that meets or exceeds required minimum specifications.

Where should I buy my laptop?

These specifications can be met through a variety of manufacturers. Students may purchase their equipment from any source they choose.

Dell Computer has a discount pricing agreement with Kansas State University. The Apparel and Textiles Program has made arrangements with Dell to set up bundles that meet the minimum requirements. These hardware bundles can be purchased at the K-State Student Union Computer Store. The store also has discounted pricing on required academic-licensed software programs that will be required in coursework.

PC versus Mac

  • AT students will learn a variety of software programs. Some of the required software is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. While some of the programs are available in dual-platform versions (Microsoft Windows and Apple OS), the software may not be organized or set-up in the same way for both operating systems. AT courses will teach the software programs from the Microsoft Windows platform. Instructors do not have time to troubleshoot cross-platform problems. The Apparel and Textiles Program strongly encourages students to purchase a PC-based laptop running Microsoft Windows.
  • It is strongly recommended that ADP students purchase a PC-based laptop. This will reduce the cost of purchasing dual-booting programs for Apple laptops.
  • Should a student decide to purchase an Apple laptop, Apple's Bootcamp for dual-booting the computer must be installed. The hard drive should be partitioned with at least 50% dedicated for the PC. Windows 10 Home (64-bit) should be installed as an operating system. VMware Fusion or Parallels are not recommended substitutes to Bootcamp and partitioning the hard drive.
  • The Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design does not address software/hardware compatibility issues on any platform. If a student has issues with an Apple laptop, he or she will be responsible for locating outside technological support.

Laptop Maintenance

  • Technical support for all computer questions is available at Kansas State University's Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC). There are numerous local retail outlets and private technical support services that can assist students as well.
  • Students will be responsible for resolving their own laptop technical issues. Therefore, an extended warranty or service agreement is recommended. Project deadlines will not be extended due to faulty equipment, slow processing, or other computer failures.

Minimum Requirements

K-State's recommendations for buying a new laptop apply with the following exceptions:

  • K-State antivirus software installed (not necessary to buy)
  • Mac: MUST install Apple’s BOOTCAMP for using dual booting system and installed Windows 7 Home Edition as an operation system (no fusion and parallels)

Recommended Laptop

  • OS: Windows 7 Home Edition (64Bit) or better
  • Intel ® Core i7 or faster
  • 1TB, 7200 rpm hard drive or better
  • 16 GB memory minimum
  • 2GB + VRAM graphics card
  • Wireless (dual band) and wired network support
  • 15-inch or larger built-in display
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty recommended

Required Applications

Inquire at the K-State Student Union Computer Store

All AT students

ADP students (3rd year in the program)

  • Optitex 2D and 3D: Approx. $204.00
  • Mac users: Apple's Bootcamp for dual-booting, but required Windows license will be approximately $150.00

Required Accessories

  • External mouse with 2 buttons (optical mouse encouraged)
  • Minimum 2TB external hard drive for file backup (prices may vary)

Free Download Available Online

K-State Network Prerequisites and Antivirus Software

To use the campus wireless or wired network, security programs must be installed and procedures followed. The instructions on the college's website outline the requirements.

Students are required to protect their laptops by installing antivirus software. The software is required for all computers that access the K-State network. The software is available for free to K-State students on the Information Technology Services website.