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Interior Design Undergraduate Program

The interior design program is the only 4-year CIDA-accredited program in Kansas. The program emphasizes the impact of interior environments on human wellbeing. We teach students to become professionals who design interior spaces that are sustainable, founded on evidence-based strategies, and enhance user satisfaction, health, wellbeing, productivity and safety for all and at all stages of life.

The interior design program provides students the opportunity to explore the rich intersections between human ecological theory, design theory and interior design practice. Students develop competencies in the following:

  • color
  • ethics
  • lighting
  • acoustics
  • aesthetics
  • design history
  • design thinking
  • collaboration skills
  • codes and regulations
  • environmental comfort
  • sustainability/resiliency
  • design communication skills
  • application of the design process
  • project planning and management
  • building construction technologies
  • creative two- and three-dimensional design

The interior design program provides a high-value, affordable education in interior design that can be achieved within eight sequential semesters beginning with the fall term. Students are selectively admitted into the program based on academic preparation. See our FAQ webpage to learn about the selective admissions process.

Learn more about the Interior Design courses and curriculum requirements

Learning Beyond the Classroom

orangeyellowartpieceFaculty-led trips and education abroad



whitespiralstaircaseProfessional development and networking opportunities


pinkwhiteartUndergraduate research



green pipesPartnership with Inje University Architecture program (South Korea)

ferriswheelFaculty mentor program



yellowglassProfessional mentor program and Professional Advisory Board



silverstructureStudent chapters in professional organizations

redbrick92% graduation rate after declaring major



pillars100% employment rate



The program is accredited by both the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. With professional practice experience, graduates of CIDA-accredited programs are immediately eligible to complete part one of the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) examination. Holding this Certificate is the basis of most title and license legislation in the United States and Canada. Visit the NCIDQ website for more information on the exam.