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What to Expect

Session Information

The First Session

Clients first attend an intake session with a therapist. This session can typically be scheduled within 48 hours. Intake sessions gain a systemic view of the issues as well as an understanding of the clients from a more holistic approach. This session will last approximately 90 minutes. A therapist is assigned to work with the client(s) based upon the issues presented, any specific client requests, and the intake therapist’s recommendations.

Clients should arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the first session to complete paperwork at the center.

Subsequent Sessions

Sessions after the intake session usually last 50 minutes. The therapist assigned to the client(s) will see the client(s) through the remainder of the treatment.

Clients should try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to complete any paperwork at the center.

Client Confidentiality

Information shared with the therapist is strictly confidential and is not revealed outside of the Family Center without client permission. Information cannot be shared with other professionals without a written release of information signed by the client. Only in the case of legal obligation, is there an exception.

Exceptions include:

  • Evidence of child, elder or dependent abuse
  • The therapist perceives the client is in danger of harming them self or another individual or property
  • The therapist receives a court order of client records

Client Commitment

Therapy has the best chance at success when clients maintain a personal commitment to the process. It is imperative that clients keep scheduled appointments with the therapist. When emergencies or illness interfere with appointments, the client should contact the Family Center office as far in advance as possible to cancel and reschedule appointments.


The intake fee is $15.00. Subsequent fees are based on the annual net income of the family and the number of persons that income supports. This fee is determined at the end of the intake appointment. If the client has reservations about the established fee, they should contact the Clinic Director to discuss their concerns. Clients will be held accountable  for making payments on time.

Equipment and Mirrors

Because the Family Center is a therapy training facility, each room is equipped with a video camera so the therapist can tape the session. Reviewing sessions is essential to therapist development and an integral part of the supervision/training process. The recording sessions are confidential and, as such, are not viewed by anyone outside the Family Center. Recorded sessions are stored on a secure drive and eventually destroyed. Rooms are also equipped with a one-way mirror that allows supervisors and trainees to watch the therapist work in real time. This is an important part of the supervision and training process because the therapist receives feedback about his or her work.


Parking on campus can be difficult. There are two parking spaces in front of the Campus Creek Complex and six in the rear parking lot available for clients only. Clients must have a permit. This is obtained through the receptionists in the Family Center office. If a client receives a ticket while parked in one of those stalls for an appointment, the Family Center will validate it for them. After 5:00 p.m., clients may park in the other parking spots in front of the Family Center as well.