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Couples "On the Brink"

Discernment Counseling
A couple on couch "On the Brink"
Sometimes it can feel like there is no hope left for the marriage. We're here to help explore the options.

Who is discernment counseling for?

  • People who are considering divorce but are not completely sure if it's the right path for them
  • Couples wanting to take one more look at the relationship before making a permanent decision with long term consequences
  • People who want to give their marriage another chance even though their spouse is moving towards divorce

The therapist counsels individuals and couples helping them decide whether to try to restore their marriage to health, move towards divorce, or take time out and decide later. The sessions are divided between conversation with the couple together and individual conversations with each spouse. The counselor respects the reasons for divorce while trying to open up the possibility of restoring the marriage to health. The counselor emphasizes the importance of each party seeing his or her own contributions to the problems and the possible solutions. This will be useful in future relationships even if this one ends. Discernment counseling is considered successful when people have clarity and confidence in their decision.

Discernment Counseling is NOT suitable when:

  • One spouse had made a final decision to divorce and wants counseling to encourage the other spouse to accept that decision
  • There is danger of domestic violence
  • There is an Order of Protection from the court
  • One spouse is coercing the other to participate

Adapted with permission from the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project.

To schedule an appointment call us at 785-532-6984.

The Family Center serves people of all races, cultures, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender identities and financial backgrounds.