Financial Support

The National Research Council rated the Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health as the top nutrition program for student support which was derived from criteria such as student completion rates, financial aid and other criteria. There are a variety of financial support options that are available to students that are described below.

The files of all applicants will be considered for institutional or departmental awards and graduate assistantships.

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

A GRA provides a stipend for student's performing research and working towards their degree. A GRA is offered by an individual faculty member to a graduate student, thus there needs to be a match between student interest and faculty research projects/funding.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

A GTA provides a stipend and tuition waiver for student's assisting in teaching courses. A GTA is offered by the department, but also seeks to match a student's research interest with an advisor who will serve as their graduate advisor.

Department Fellowships & Scholarships

The department offers a number of scholarships to graduate students that are available on a competitive basis depending on availability of funds. For the current academic year, the department a total of $24,100 to our graduate students.

  • Nina Browning Fellowship
  • Kroll Graduate Scholarship in Sensory Analysis
  • Ross Fellowship in Sensory Analysis
  • Brooks Fellow Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health
  • Kellogg Company Endowed Scholarship in Sensory Analysis
  • Nutrition for Youth Graduate Scholarship
  • Tinklin Memorial Scholarship for Health and Human Sciences
  • Newell Graduate Scholarship in Nutrition
  • Carlson Health and Human Sciences Scholarship
  • Stewart Family Research Award Fund Scholar ‐ Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

College Awards

There are also college awards available on a competitive basis such as College of Health and Human Sciences Doctor Dissertation Improvement Awards for students to help finish their dissertations. For more information, please visit the College's student resource page.

Timothy R. Donoghue Scholarships

Outstanding U.S. citizens that are incoming graduates of other U.S. colleges or universities are eligible for a Donoghue Scholarship. The department will select candidates and forward them to the graduate school. A minimum of 3.4 CGPA is required in the previous degree for consideration.

University Awards

There are a variety of other funding sources from the University, As an example, for those doing cancer research the Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research offer travel awards and graduate student summer stipends. The Alvin and RosaLee Saracheck Fellowship provides a fellowship for a resident doctoral program student whose dissertation relies significantly on one or more contemporary molecular biological techniques. The Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) Doctoral Research Scholarship provides funding for outstanding Ph.D. student's whose research could result in the development of intellectual property.

Travel Awards

The department and graduate school both offer travel awards to help support student travel to conferences to present their research.

There are also a number of fellowships & scholarships on the graduate school's fellowships & scholarships website.