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Conflict Resolution Program

David Thompson
Program Director
309 Justin Hall

Conflict Resolution Programs

We encounter conflict in all aspects of life, but utilizing healthy means of resolving conflict can reduce stress, increase interpersonal understanding, and potentially strengthen both personal and professional relationships. Knowing how to manage and effectively resolve conflict can add value to any major and move you forward in your career as well as improve the health of your own relationships.

Conflict resolution and trauma studies puzzle graphicConflict does not occur in a vacuum, and neither does the way we think through conflict at K-State. To provide our students with opportunities to develop both knowledge and skills, the various program offerings address the complexity of conflict as well as the growing need for individuals to become more proficient at working through conflict effectively.

Areas of Study

We offer multiple programs designed for students who want introductory training in the field of conflict resolution, but which are also ideal for lifelong learners who want to be able to apply conflict analysis and resolution to their current professional settings.

Hands-On Training

We offer students a unique opportunity to become state-approved mediators and gain first-hand experience applying the skills learned in CNRES 535 Family Mediation.

Students wanting to become state-approved mediators or refine their conflict resolution skills in organizations and other areas have the opportunity to do so through the Conflict Resolution Center. Mentor mediators and other professionals in alternative dispute resolution work closely with students in providing clinical services to individuals, couples, and organizations.

Community Outreach

We offer mediation training and services through our Conflict Resolution Center.

Check out our Summer Institute (pdf)!

Every summer we offer the opportunity to earn the entire Conflict Resolution Certificate, both graduate and undergraduate, (and most of the CATS minor) online in just 2 months!

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