Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

A successful manager in the hospitality industry must exhibit many skills and command much specialized knowledge. The program provides students an understanding of the human element of the profession, including customer satisfaction and human resource management, a solid foundation in business and first-hand experience in the industry.

A hospitality manager must be able to please guests. This requires a good working knowledge of operations. Students develop this knowledge through operations-focused class, including beverage management, systems management and service systems. Hospitality managers must know how to supervise and motivate personnel so that they will provide customers with desired products and services. Courses in human resource management, hospitality law, written and oral communication, humanities and social sciences help students develop these people skills.

A strong business acumen is another important element of successful hospitality operations. The program includes professional courses in management, marketing, finance and accounting that allows students to earn in minor in business administration.

Through internship experiences, students gain valuable experience in operations. This provides students with the ability to apply concepts learned in the classroom to actual work situations. Foodservice, lodging and event management experiences are completed within hospitality organizations around the world.

Curriculum Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management program requires 120 credit hours of courses. These credits included on-campus classes, required work experiences, and a structured internship.

Detailed Curriculum Requirements