Minor in Hospitality Management

Students may earn a minor in hospitality management upon completion of 18 required credit hours. This minor provides a basic understanding of the practice and theoretical basis of hospitality management.

For information about program requirements for minor in hospitality management visit the Kansas State University catalog.

Students who wish to complete a hospitality minor should go to the Department of Hospitality Management office (152 Justin Hall) to complete a minor form. Once that is complete, the form will be mailed to the Registrar's Office. If you wish to visit with an advisor, you will be referred to the department advisor or to the director of the Hospitality Management program.

Adding the Hospitality Management Minor

You can add or drop our minor electronically by using the form below. This process may take a few days. If you do not see any changes in KSIS within two weeks of submission, please contact us at hospitality @k-state.edu.