ID Scholarships and Competitions

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and competitions. Scholarships and other financial assistance are very important. There are three pools of scholarship money for students studying interior design. One is from the university at large; another is from the College of Health and Human Sciences; and a third comes from outside sources.

Interior design grants scholarships if a student continues in the program after their first year.

New freshmen and transfer students

Apply for admission and scholarships
All future students must complete the combined admission and scholarship application to be admitted.

  • New freshmen
    The priority date for K-State scholarships is ;December 1
  • Transfer students
    • Students who will start in the spring semester should apply for scholarships by December 1
    • Students who will start in the fall semester should apply for scholarships by December 1

Current K-State students

March 15 - prior to the next academic year.

The K-State Scholarship Network

K-State Proud Student Opportunity Award

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Summer Financial Scholarships and Aid

College of Health and Human Sciences

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Professional Organization Scholarships and Competitions

IIDA Competitions

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Interior Design Educators Council Scholarships

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IFMA Scholarships

Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition

Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Student Design Competitions

Interior Design Scholarship (Lamps Expo)

Cyrus Artisan Rugs Scholarship Grant

StonecraftTM Design And Construction Scholarship