Community Outreach and Physical Activity Promotion Programs

Manhattan's Guide to Physical Activity

The Little Apple’s Guide to Physical Activity has been developed to provide an all-in-one resource guide for the numerous physical activity opportunities in Manhattan, KS. In this Guide, we have provided the pertinent information for you to locate activities of interest in which you will be able to enjoy participating in daily physical activity.

LIFE Fitness Program

The Department of Kinesiology's LIFE Program & K-State CrossFit promote an understanding of the necessity and application of physical activities for optimal health.

The LIFE Program & K-State CrossFit offer CrossFit classes, gym membership, locker space, facility reservations, and exercise information to the community of Manhattan.

  • Located in Ahearn Natatorium (across from the Student Union).
  • Stop by Room # 04 (11AM-1:30PM or 4:30-7:00pm) or the Office in Natatorium 08 for more information or to sign-up today!

Exercise Is Medicine on Campus

Exercise Is Medicine On Campus is a nation-wide program calling upon universities and colleges to engage in the promotion of physical activity as a vital sign of health.