Mentor / Mentee Responsibilities

Mentee Responsibilities

Once a mentee has been assigned a mentor, they will need attend a mandatory orientation meeting with the program coordinator which will review the responsibilities as outlined below. The mentee is:

  • Responsible for initial contact with their mentor and setting up the first meeting.
  • Coached to be respectful of the mentor's time and to honor commitments.
  • Coached to be open to constructive feedback from the mentor.
  • Committed to meeting with your mentor at least once per month.
  • Committed to the mentoring relationship until graduation.
  • Committed to keep confidences and realize the mentorship is a professional relationship.

Mentor Responsibilities

Time Commitment

  • Mentors/mentees should meet at least one hour per month by phone, video-conferencing or in-person.
  • Pairs may choose to exchange emails between meetings to keep in touch.
  • Commit to being engaged and accessible to the mentee.
  • It is appropriate for mentors to allow their mentee the opportunity to "shadow" them at their place of work. However, there is no expectation to offer an internship or job to the mentee.


  • Listen to the needs and expectations of the mentee and offer advice and guidance.
  • Help clarify the mentees goals and aspirations.


  • Ask thoughtful questions and provide feedback and guidance to the mentee.
  • Encourage the mentee to explore new ideas and opportunities.

Be Honest

  • Share mentor's own experiences, resources and networks with the mentee.
  • Offer constructive opinions, while respecting those of the mentee.

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