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Listserv Lists

Here is a list of listserv lists that we manage on the central system. To send a message to list recipients, just type the list name in the To: field and add @listserv.ksu.edu .

List Name List Description
ALLCSACB All Sensory Analysis Center
CFTADJ CFT Adjunct list
CFTFAC Couple & Family Therapy Faculty
CFTPROG Couple and Family Therapy Program
CFTPROG2 CFT Clinically Inactive Students
CHEUSSTAFF University Support Staff
COAGING Center on Aging
CSDUNDER CSD Undergraduates
FNDH Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health
FNDHCLASS FNDH Classified Employees
FNDHF-S FNDH Faculty & Staff
FNDHGRAD FNDH Graduate Students
FNDHGRDFAC FNDH Graduate Faculty
FNDHGSO FNDH Graduate Student Organization
FSHS Family Studies and Human Services
FSHSADM FSHS Administration
FSHSFS FSHS Faculty and Staff
HEDAC Dean's Administrative Council
HEDEPTHEADS HE Department Heads
HEDO Human Ecology Dean's Office
HEEVERYONE Everyone in College of Human Ecology
HEFACULTY Human Ecology Faculty
HEGRDFAC Human Ecology Graduate Faculty
HMFAC Hospitality Management Faculty
HMGRD HM Graduate Students
HMGRDFAC HM Graduate Faculty
KINES Kinesiology
KINESFAC Kinesiology Faculty
KINESGRAD Kinesiology Graduate Students
KON Kappa Omicron NU
KSUMFT KSU Marriage and Family Therapy
MANCSACB Manhattan Sensory Analysis Center
SACGRAD Sensory Analysis Center Staff & Grad Students
SENSORY Sensory Analysis