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Network Space Quotas and Storage Tips

Network Space Quotas

Network users are automatically allotted amounts of space on every drive. Each drive (Y:,W:,S:) has an initial quota of 5 GB per user. This amount can be increased to meet project or professional requirements as needed. Please contact hesupport@k-state.edu if you are in need of more space. Large space allocations may need permission from a department head or the dean.

Please follow the guidelines below for storing files on the server. Remember that all members of the college share this disk space, so please use it judiciously.

Server File Storage Tips

Store files on the server when you want to:

  • share files with colleagues
  • backup important files
  • access files from a remote site

Remove files from the server when they:

  • no longer are vital to your work
  • no longer need to be shared
  • can be archived on another medium, i.e., CD-R or external drive