HHS Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award

Past Recipients

Year Recipient(s)
2022 Trenton Colburn, Kinesiology
2021 Melinda Markham & Anthony Ferraro, Applied Human Sciences
2020 Carl Ade, Kinesiology
2017 Emily Mailey, KIN, Stand Up Kansas: An Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behavior in the Workplace, $4,802
Kristin Malek, HM, Understanding Motivation to Attend, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Content Retention Across Meeting Attendee Populations, $4,995
2016 Briana Goff, FSHS, Assessing Salivary Cortisol Levels of Participants in a Military and Veteran Family Retreats Program, $5,000
Tandalayo Kidd, FNDH, The Impact of the Nutrition Banking Tracking System on College Students' Eating Patterns and Physical Activity Behaviors, $5,000
Jooyoun Kim, ATID, Nonwoven Antibacterial Patch for Local Wound Treatment, $5,000
2015 Jennifer Hanson, HN, Observed and Self-Reported Food Handling Behaviors at Outdoor Venues, $3,363
Jooyoun Kim and Jichul Jang, ATID & HM, Environmental and Economic Impacts Made by the Reduced Maintenance Needs for Self-Cleaning Table Clothes in the Hotel Restaurant Context, $4,600
Sara Rosenkranz and Mark Haub, FNDH, Do Alterations in Meat Size and Frequency Affect Postprandial Lipemia and Inflammation, $5,000
Spring 2015 Sara K. Rosenkranz and Mark D Haub, HN, Do alterations in meal size and frequency affect postprandial lipemia and inflammation?, $5,000
Jooyoun Kim and Jichul Jang, ATID & HM, Environmental and economic impacts made by the reduced maintenance needs for self‐cleaning table cloths in the hotel restaurant context, $4,600
Jennifer A Hanson, HM, Observed and self‐reported food handling behaviors at outdoor venues, $3,363
Spring 2014 Bryan D. Orthel, ATID, Identity, Community, History, and Place: Oral Histories, 2014-2015, $4384
Joyce Baptist, FSHS, Using EMDR to Treat Depression, $5000
Minyoung Suh and Ji Hye Kang, ATID, Functional and Emotional Impact of Breast Size and a Sports Bra on Exercise-Induced Discomfort, $4000
Annika Linde, M.C. Cheung and T. Melgarejo, HN, Effect of the Naturally Occurring Antimicrobial Peptides LL37 and K9CATH on Lung Cell Health, $5000
Spring 2013 Sara Rosenkranz, Rick Rosenkranz, Craig Harms and Mark Haub, HN & KINES, The Interaction of Physical Activity and Diet: PostPrandial Triglyceride and Inflammatory Responses Following a High-Fat Meal., $2,594
Debra Burnett and Ann Smit, FSHS, An Understandability Measure for Young Children With and Without Speech/Language Disorders, $4950
Jared Durtschi, FSHS, Can Romantic Relationships During Pregnancy Predict Fetal Development Problems?, $5000
Brandon C. Irwin, KINES, "Our Space": A Test of the Efficacy of a Group Dynamics-Based Social Media Intervention for Increasing Physical Activity, $2456
Spring 2012 Jared A. Durtschi, FSHS, Military Couples as First-Time Parents: Understanding and Predicting Romantic Relationship Quality Trajectories, $2500
Joyce Baptist & Elaine Johannes, FSHS, Military Children: Resilience in the Face of Parental Military Deployment, $2500
Richard Rosenkranz, Sara Rosenkranz & David Dzewaltowski, HN, Evaluation of a home-based, health coaching program to prevent childhood obesity in the community, $2500
Amber Vennum, FSHS, Evaluating the Impact of School-based Family Therapy on Student and Family Outcomes, $2500
Spring 2011 Koushik Adhikari, HN, Impact of Seasonings on Sensory Attributes of Beef Across Two USDA Grades and Three Cuts of Steak, $2436
Kim HillerConnell/Joy Kozar, ATID, Using Normative Social Influence to Motivate Sustainable Apparel-Purchasing Behaviors, $2210
Spring 2010 Ann Smit, FSHS-CSD, Completion of a Feasibility Study Comparing Two Interventions for Preschoolers with Speech Sound Disorders, $4,000
Esther Maddux & Jodi Kaus, FSHS, Measuring Impact of Kansas State University Financial Education Outreach Programs Designed to Develop Capacity of College Students to Achieve Financial Security, $3,000
Kristy Archuleta & Sonya Britt, FSHS, Examining the Effectiveness of Traditional Financial Counseling: A Collaborative Research Project with
Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., $3,000
Spring 2009 Joycelyn Falsken, ATID, Inside Charles James' Clover Leaf Gown, $4,421
Jared Anderson & C.R. Machi, FSHS, Systemic Health Behavior Change and Weight Management Following Bariatric Surgery, $5,000
Junehee Kwon, HMD, Food Allergies in Restaurants: Kn owledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Consumers with Food Allergies, $4,992
Spring 2008 Deb Brosdahl, ATID, Is Green the New Black? Assessing Apparel & Textile Undergrad Students' Knowledge of, and Attitudes Toward, Sustainability, $2,270
Ann Smit, FSHS-CSD, Pressure Points Intervention for Preschool Speech Sound Disorders, $5,000
Chihyung Ok, HMD, Retiring to a College Town: Identification of Motivation Factors & Assessment of the Attractiveness of Communities in Proximity to a College Town, $4,517
Spring 2007 Yun Zhu, ATID, Impact of Color & Design on Student Learning in a Studio Environment, $4,639
Linda Crowe, Barbara Weltsch, & Susan Meier, FSHS-CSD, Comparison of Children's Verbal Language Output with Traditional vs. Electronic Storybooks, $3,250
Fall 2006 Bronwyn Fees, FSHS, Perception of Physical Activity Among Parents During Early Childhood, $1,700
Melody LeHew, ATID, Politics of Consumption: Identifying and Understanding Early Adopters of Sustainability Practices, $2,500
Linda Crowe, FSHS-CSD, Prediction Response to Intervention: Comparison of Two Reading Approaches, $4,000
Fall 2005 Richard Baybut & George Wang, HN, Differential Gene Expression from Lungs of Cigarette Smoke-Exposed Rats Treated with or without Retinoic Acid, $4,900
Farrell Webb, FSHS, Negotiating Identity in Rural/ Frontier At Risk Man, $2,500
Barbara Gatewood & Peggy Honey, ATID, Best Practices in Creating Affordable University Student Housing in Traditional and Historic Neighborhoods, $1,000
Koushik Adhikari, HN, Development of Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neutral Networks for Sensory Date Analyses, $1,500
Fall 2004 Briana Nelson Goff, FSHS, Primary and Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress in Couples, $4,800
Mark Haub, HN, Whey and Soy Protein Isolates on Post-Exercise Protein Synthesis, $5,000
Fall 2003 Sherry Haar, ATID, Experimental Design Combining High Tech Processes with Traditional Methods of Shibori Shaped Resist, $1,000
George Wang, HN, Functional Photochemicals in Organic Vegetables for Cancer Prevention Pilot Study, $4,500
Esther Maddux, FSHS, Financial Tools for Professionals Working with Families, $2,250
Marsha Dickson, ATID, Socially Responsible Supply Chains: Needs Assessment of Stakeholders, $2,250
Spring 2003 Bronwyn Fees & Ann Murray, FSHS, Kansas Infant, Toddler and Environment Study (KITES), $800
Barbara Knous & Jodi Stotts, HN, Policy Development for Herbal Usage in the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, $1000
S. McGraw, D. Chambers & E. Chambers, HN, Consumer Perceptions of Meat and Meat Products : A Longitudinal Follow-Up, $1,000
Mark Haub, HN, Effect of Green Tea on Insulin Levels Following a High Calorie Meal, $500
Jane Garcia & Linda Crowe, FSHS-CSD, Effects of Natural Hand Gestures during Narrative Discourse for a Speaker with Dysarthria, $1,000
D. Meyer, B. Gatewood & G. Ramaswamy, ATID, Consumer's Knowledge, Perceptions, Attitudes and Shopping Patterns for Non-Flammable Children's Sleepwear, $1,000
M. White, C. Russell & C. White, FSHS, Illness Representations of Multiple Sclerosis: Impact of Self and Family, $1,000
Esther Maddux & John Grable, FSHS, Kansas Saves, $1,000
Fall 2002 Valentina Remig & Kerri Parsons, HN/FSHS, Caregiving Support for Home and Community, $1,000
Walter Schumm, FSHS, Data Entry for Assessing Impact of Multiple Vaccinations on Gulf War Veterans, $500
Briana Nelson Goff, FSHS, Primary and Secondary Post-Traumatic Stress in Couples, $500
Melody LeHew & Barbara Anderson, ATID, Sustainable Consumer Behaviour: Preliminary Investigation of the Disconnect between Consumption Behavior and Socially Responsible Attitudes, $1,000
Summer 2002 Sherry Haar, ATID, Research Award, $500