Social Media

"Social networking accounted for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online globally in October 2011, ranking as the most engaging online activity worldwide. Social networking sites now reach 82 percent of the world's Internet population age 15 and older that accessed the Internet from a home or work computer, representing 1.2 billion users around the globe." – ComScore, 2011

Clearly, social media is a big deal. It has become a major player in how Kansas State University communicates its message and reaches its audience. The College of Health and Human Sciences manages dozens of social media accounts, including those of individual departments and units. The large size of the college's social media presence underscores the importance of properly managing those resources.

K-State's Social Media Services, a component of the Division of Communications and Marketing, provides overall guidance and works with colleges and units across all three campuses to ensure the university is consistently and effectively represented in the social media sphere.


Social Media Services has developed a set of guidelines for those who manage and create content for social media properties which represent the university. It is critically important these guidelines be followed. Remember, when you post something on the behalf of an organization at K-State, it reflects on the university as a whole. Please read these guidelines thoroughly, and refer to them frequently.

Creating and Managing Social Media Properties

If your department or unit is within the College of Health and Human Sciences and would like to create an official social media account, or if you would like to review how these accounts are managed, please contact the College's Communication Director in the Dean's office for assistance and information.


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