Media Services and Resources

College Media Resources

The College of Health and Human Sciences at Kansas State University maintains a variety of resources that support the college's faculty and staff and that raise the visibility of the college and its academic and research units.

It strives to be a proactive source of information about the college's strengths in research, scholarship and teaching and its relevance to public life, industry and academia through appropriate messages and mediums.

Web Services

The college employs a full-time web developer to oversee the development and deployment of its many web resources. The web developer assists departments and units with setting up and administering websites, providing assistance to content managers, and coordinating online development efforts within the college and the university.

Social Media

The college maintains numerous social media properties social media properties for the college and its departments/units, facilitating account creation and administration.

Media News Releases

With input from faculty and administrators, the college communications coordinator manages, creates and directs distribution of information about research, scholarship, activities and engagement to external print, broadcast and electronic media. The coordinator collaborates with the university's Division of Communications and Marketing on print releases, video news releases and news for K-State Today.

Marketing Plans

The goal of a marketing plan is to maximize the impact of a message through the efficient use of college and university resources, developing targeted messaging that plays to the strengths of various mediums, channels and platforms.

The communications coordinator works with departments and units to develop both inbound and outbound strategies to promote their work as well as advance the college's mission. Plans may include rack cards, brochures, banners, and press releases and other media coverage. They also include working with the digital media specialist/web developer on digital signage, website and social media opportunities. The coordinator and the digital media specialist/web developer are responsible for ensuring all public communications emanating from the college follow university-required branding and style.

Printed Materials

The communications coordinator assists departments and units in planning, writing, editing and producing print materials such as brochures and other handouts distributed to the public. The coordinator coordinates design, photography and printing with the college's client manager in the Division of Communications and Marketing.


Each department and school has been asked to communicate with friends and alumni through periodic e-newsletters. Units choose the content and timing of their newsletters. Each goes through the communications coordinator and the digital media specialist/web developer for editing; the communications coordinator takes the newsletter through the distribution process and is available to assist with writing and images for the online publication. Some units choose to request print versions of newsletters for distribution at conferences.

College Magazine

FOCUS Magazine is published twice a year - late spring and late fall - and mailed to nearly 20,000 alumni and friends of the college. The magazine is also available on the college's website. After determining content with the dean and the college's development director, the communications coordinator edits and writes the magazine. Design, copy editing, photography, production and printing of the magazine are coordinated through the Division of Communications and Marketing.

Still Photography Resources

The College of Health and Human Sciences maintains some of its own still photography resources, including a Zenfolio account, but it relies heavily on the services provided by K-State Photo Services.

Video Resources

Video services are provided to the college by the Division of Communications and Marketing (DCM) and the Office of Mediated Education (OME), and the college hosts many of its videos on it's YouTube channel. The college also offers limited, at-cost audio and video production services to its departments and units. Videoconferencing support is provided through the Computing Support Group.

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