Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The 15-credit hour online certificate in gerontology is a customizable curriculum that provides cutting-edge gerontological skills needed to enhance a degree or propel advancement within their chosen field. In a rapidly aging world, students will likely work with and be surrounded by older adults. The certificate program has been designed for individuals whose goal is to obtain a credential in gerontology and who do not need a master's degree. Our program offers flexibility and practicality for a wide range of individuals who may be pursuing a credential in the field of gerontology including working professionals and/or those with families.


The graduate certificate program consists of 6 credit hours of core courses and 9 credit hours of electives.

Core Courses (6)

  • GERON 772: Adult Development & Aging (3)
  • GERON 775: Advanced Diversity in the Aging Experience (3)

Electives (9)

Students may choose from any of the following elective courses and/or take courses from outside of this list based upon their professional goals. Electives outside of this list must be approved by the gerontology graduate program director. No more than 3-credit hours of practicum experience may be included in the certificate program.

  • GERON 605: Practicum in Gerontology (1-3)
  • GERON 610: Seminar in Long-Term Care Administration (3)
  • GERON 620: Independent Study in Gerontology (1-3)
  • GERON 625: Advanced Physical Health in Aging (3)
  • GERON 630: Advanced Mental Health & Aging (3)
  • GERON 730: Advanced Sexuality & Aging (3)
  • GERON 740: Advanced Creativity & Aging (3)
  • GERON 725: Advanced Topics in Gerontology (1-3)
  • GERON 774: Advanced Environments & Aging (3)
  • GERON 776: Advanced Program, Design, Implementation, & Evaluation in Gerontology (3)
  • GERON 777: Advanced Policy & Advocacy in Gerontology (3)
  • GERON 778: Advanced Family Dynamics & Caregiving (3)
  • GERON 779: Professional Seminar in Gerontology

If you need further information or have questions regarding the program please contact us.