Master's in Gerontology

The online, 30 credit hour Master of Science in Gerontology prepares graduates to become practitioners, advocates, leaders, and changemakers in the field of aging. The program is designed to meet the needs of students seeking professional preparation for career development or advancement in their field.

Scheduling flexibility, regardless of location Customizable curriculum
Does not require GRE or thesis Innovative courses taught by diverse faculty

Program content for this degree is based on core competencies identified by AGHE (Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education), a member group of the Gerontological Society of America.

Students will choose one of the following plans:

  1. Gerontology (12) + Electives (15) + Culminating Experience (3)
  2. Gerontology (12) + Long-Term Care Administration (6) + Electives (9) + Culminating Experience (3)

Core Courses (12 credit hours)

GERON 772: Adult Development & Aging (3)
GERON 775: Advanced Diversity in the Aging Experience (3)
GERON 776: Advanced Program, Design, Implementation, & Evaluation in Gerontology (3)
GERON 777: Advanced Policy and Advocacy in Gerontology (3)

Long-Term Care Administration (6)

GERON 610: Seminar in Long-Term Care Administration (3)
GERON 615: Internship in Long-Term Care Administration (3)

Electives (9 – 15)

Students may choose from any of the following courses and/or choose electives outside of this list based upon their professional goals. Electives outside of this list must be approved by the student’s master’s committee.

GERON 605: Practicum in Gerontology (1-3)
GERON 610: Seminar in Long-Term Care Administration (3)
GERON 620: Independent Study in Gerontology (1-3)
GERON 625: Advanced Physical Health & Well-Being of Older Adults (3)
GERON 630: Advanced Mental Health & Aging (3)
GERON 730: Advanced Sexuality & Aging (3)
GERON 740: Advanced Creativity & Aging (3)
GERON 725: Advanced Topics in Gerontology (1-3)
GERON 774: Advanced Environments & Aging (3)
GERON 778: Advanced Aging Family Dynamics & Caregiving (3)

Culminating Experience (3)

GERON 799: Professional Applications in Gerontology (1-3)

Prior to enrollment students should review computer and software requirements and view information about K-State Online, the learning management system used in online courses.

The list of required and elective courses and their descriptions are listed in the graduate catalog. Although the program does not require a thesis, there is a final exam required. For additional information please contact us via email or by phone at 785-532-5945.