Undergraduate Studies

Are you looking for a job that needs people with a wide variety of skills, is challenging, improves the lives of others, and works with or on behalf of the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population? Be a part of the growing field of people who specialize in gerontology within their chosen career path. The field of aging is diverse and offers many different employment options as well as the chance to develop creative ideas for new programs and services. Professionals in the field of aging work in a variety of settings. There are unlimited opportunities to work with older adults or create a new niche within the field of aging.

Potential career opportunities

Visit these examples of how students may plan to use their gerontology training in a variety of majors/careers. You may think of others as well. If you are not sure what career is right for you, you might want to check out 101+ Careers in Aging or ask us to help you determine what career might be a good path for your interests.

Business + Gerontology: administration, accounting, management in long term care, for-profit or non-profit organizations geared toward seniors, local, state or federal agencies, medical/pharmaceutical sales, health insurance, medical practice management, socia/community service management

Art, Music or Theatre + Gerontology: Activities director in long term care, art or music therapy, working with community programs for seniors, drama therapy
Health Care + Gerontology: medicine/nursing, physical or occupational therapy, optometry, dentistry, podiatry, pharmaceutical, psychiatry, oncology, geriatric care, hospice
Hospitality Management + Gerontology: Event planner, long term care dining manager, hotel management focusing on senior adult clients, city/county parks and recreation senior events coordinator
Kinesiology/Athletic Training + Gerontology: physical therapy, fitness programs in retirement communities, senior specialist in fitness center, teaching fitness classes at senior communities or at senior centers or other community centers
Interior Design/Architecture + Gerontology: specialize in design of retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals or physician offices, work with construction companies on universal design concepts
Engineering + gerontology: develop or improve medical monitoring/biomedical systems, work with wearable or smart home technology for older adults and those with medical limitations
Psychology or Human Development + Gerontology: Counseling of older adults or families on issues of grief, elder abuse, substance abuse, traumatic life events, depression or health issues, dementia care
Social Work + Gerontology: rehab centers,, long term care, discharge planner for hospital or nursing home, outpatient health services, adult protective services, dementia or hospice care, governmental agencies
Nutrition or Dietetics + Gerontology : healthy aging programs, Extension, Senior Centers, long term care or retirement centers, hospitals

What Do Our Graduates Say?

I am so grateful for this program! It taught me so much and helped direct me in a path for the future. I am excited to work with older adults in my community when I graduate, thanks to this program for preparing me.
-Gerontology graduate

The Gerontology program at KSU is a great addition to any major program! I completed the secondary major in Gerontology and it was a great complement to my Biology degree. The classes were incredibly influential in my decision to become a DO and focus on person-centered care in my career. The flexibility of the coursework allowed me to find classes that I enjoyed and were relevant to my path as a physician. Many of the classes were topics I discussed in medical school interviews. I would recommend Gerontology to any student that will be working with people in the future!
- Gerontology Graduate