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Conflict Resolution Program

Brett Mallon
Program Director
307 Justin Hall

Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies

The Undergraduate Minor in Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies (CATS) provides the only academic program in the nation that combines these two complementary areas. Conflict resolution programs primarily are combined with peace and conflict studies, while the trauma studies programs are predominately in clinical mental health programs (e.g., psychiatry, psychology, social work).

The CATS program bridges these two areas, providing the framework and models for individuals, families, groups, communities, and the social empowerment and resiliency to heal from conflict, trauma and loss. The program provides foundational knowledge in microsystems (e.g., individuals, families) and larger social macrosystems (e.g., communities and nations). The program also provides a variety of professional trainings, beyond clinical professions, for post-trauma and post-conflict reconstruction.Conflict and Trauma come together.

Program Requirements

Enrolling in the Minor

CATS Mission Statement

The undergraduate minor in conflict analysis and trauma studies provides a theoretical and empirical framework and model for analysis and study of trauma, violence, conflict and their consequences. This emerging study provides students, faculty and human service professionals the knowledge for establishing post-trauma and post-conflict reconstruction practice, research, service and policy to improve interpersonal and social systems.