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Graduate Certificates

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Students in Human Services Administration reviewing projects with Dr. MarkhamThe Department of Applied Human Sciences offers multiple graduate certificates to allow graduates to specialize and complement their professional skills, and they can be combined with a wide range of graduate degrees to provide specialized qualifications in their career field.

Conflict Resolution

The Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution provides students with the fundamentals of conflict intervention and mediation for both personal and professional settings.

Human Services Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Human Services Administration provides students the skills and competencies needed to develop, implement, evaluate, and administer programs designed to enhance family and relationship health and well-being within non-profit or public settings.

Youth Development Professional (GPIDEA)

The Professional Certificate in Youth Development is designed to train graduates to understand and apply conceptual approaches to youth development, to display an understanding of the development and impact of local, regional, state, federal, and global policies on youth as well as to recognize the impact of family and cultural influences on positive youth outcomes.

No longer accepting applications at this time.

Completing a Graduate Certificate

The last step in earning a graduate certificate is the Certificate Completion Form, which you can find under "Miscellaneous" on the Graduate School's Form Finder page. Once you have filled out your form, send it to your program coordinator to be signed, and then submit the original to the Grad School at 119 Eisenhower Hall. 

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