Meet the Team


Melinda (Mindy) MarkhamMindy Markham

Hometown: Wamego, Kansas

Research Interests: Coparenting, divorce education, relationships following divorce or separation, utilization of communication technology within families.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Mindy enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, attending K-State sporting events, going to the lake, and snow skiing.

Super Fun Fact: Mindy started skiing when she was 3 1/2 years old, got engaged on a ski trip at the top of Copper Mountain, and she goes on a family ski trip every year.


Anthony FerraroAnthony Ferraro and family

Hometown: Bristol, Connecticut

Research Interests: Families experiencing structural and developmental transitions, with a focus on divorced and military families; program development and evaluation.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Anthony enjoys attempting to do athletic things including basketball, football, hiking, and snowboarding. Anthony also enjoys traveling with his family to explore new cities, food, and art scenes, and take in new cultural experiences.

Super Fun Fact: Anthony has an encyclopedic knowledge of useless sports facts that is really only helpful during intensive trivia battles.


Luke RussellLuke Russell

Hometown: South Windsor, Connecticut

Research Interests: Health and resilience in structurally diverse families (post-divorce, single parent, remarried, cohabiting families); navigating management of chronic illness or conditions.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Luke enjoys spending time with his family and friends, board games, and table tennis.

Super Fun Fact: Luke brews his own homemade Kombucha!


Erin GuyetteErin Guyette

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota

Research Interests: Divorcing process, specifically decision making during divorce, divorce transitions, and post-divorce adjustment.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Erin enjoys traveling, cooking, being outside, and taking her dogs for walks.

Super Fun Fact: Erin has traveled to 13 different countries with her family.


Jonathon BeckmeyerJonathon Beckmeyer

Research Interests: Resiliency following parental divorce; adolescent and young adult social relationships



Renée Wilkins-ClarkRenee Wilkins-Clark

Hometown: Brownsville, Tennessee

Research Interests: Sibling relationships during times of transition (e.g., emerging adulthood and parental divorce) and trauma (e.g., racial and ethnic discrimination and adverse childhood experiences)

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Renée loves to read. She and her son try to read a new book series together each year. Renée has a love-hate relationship with traveling because she is an introvert who enjoys new adventures. She is also a paper enthusiast and loves art.

Super Fun Fact: At age 8, Renée created her own simplified Dewey Decimal Classification to categorize her growing book collection.


Francisca Lawson TettevieFrancisca Lawson Tettevie

Hometown: Ghana, West Africa

Research Interests: Divorce education, parenting, healthy relationships, and co-parenting

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Francisca loves spending time with friends and family. She is always excited about learning new things and is currently findings interest in musical instruments. Francisca also enjoys cooking and taking walks.

Super Fun Fact: Francisca has a whole album of pictures of different foods on her phone.


Ayoka LeeAyoka Lee

Hometown: Byron, Minnesota

Research Interests: Co-parenting and divorce

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Ayoka enjoys traveling and reading as well as cooking and trying new food.

Super Fun Fact: The name Ayoka means "one who causes joy."


Alumni Members


Hilary PippertHilary Piipert

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Research Interests: Sacrifice, military wives, and interpersonal family processes.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Hilary enjoys hiking and playing games with her family.

Super Fun Fact: Hilary broke her collar bone when she was 11 months old.


McKenzie ZimmermannMcKenzie Zimmermann

Hometown: Junction City, Kansas

Research Interests: Co-parenting, divorce, topics involving fathers (father engagement and involvement and father roles and identities), community engagement, and program implementation and evaluation.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: McKenzie enjoys spending time with her family and dog, taking walks, and experimenting with baking.

Super Fun Fact: McKenzie is the oldest of five siblings and there is a 20 year age gap between her and her youngest sibling.


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