Request Evaluation Surveys

If you would like to use the DEAC assessment tool for your programs, please use this Qualtrics survey.

What to Expect

The Qualtrics survey will ask you for basic information such as your name, email, and details regarding your program. Our team will review your request and you should expect a response from our team within five business days. The content of the response will depend what additional constructs you are requesting and whether our team needs any additional information from you to help us better craft your survey.

Be prepared to identify the following:

  • Whether you want the pretest and/or posttests
  • Which supplementary measures you want
  • Which knowledge constructs you want
  • Whether you want a hard copy or a digital copy of the evaluation survey

Examples of Pre- and Post- Survey Questions

  • When thinking about your breakup, how much do you agree with the following?
    • I am adjusting well to this transition
  • Which of the following best describes you and your coparent?
    • We are close friends and attend child-related activities together
    • We usually coparent positively, and focus our interactions on our children
  • What is the financial situation in your family like right now?
  • Which of the following describes how you will address custody disagreements that occur between you and your coparent? (select all that apply)
  • Because I took this course, I feel I will:
    • Keep my emotions in control while talking with my coparent
    • Raise my voice with my coparent when in front of the child(ren)

Examples of Knowledge Constructs

Below are examples of the general topics that can be added as knowledge constructs:

Process of Divorce or Separation and Breakup Related Changes

  • Stages of grief process
  • Legal process of divorce
  • How to manage economic changes

Children’s Coping Post-Divorce

  • How children are affected by divorce, separation, and/or not living with both parents
  • How to help my child(ren) adjust to the breakup or custody modification based on their ages and stages

Examples of Supplementary Constructs

Below are examples of general topics that can be added as supplementary constructs:

  • Education level
  • Boundary ambiguity for divorced adults
  • Communication methods
  • Depression
  • Co-parental conflict